Product Line

Aurora Dental Lab offers a complete range of products and services. All our restorations are fabricated in the USA with FDA approved materials.

Fixed Prosthetics
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal
    • Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridge*
    • Porcelain Butt Joint
    • 360 Degree Butt Joint
    • *Alloy of your choice available at an additional charge
    • All inclusive pricing available upon request
  • Metal Free Restorations
    • Aurora Elite PFZ (Layered)
    • e.Max Restoration
    • e.Max Veneers
    • Aurora Full Contour Z
  • Additional Products
    • Full Cast, 3/4 Crown, Inlay/Onlay*
  • Dentures Complete
    • Aurora Classic Complete*
    • Aurora Premium Complete**
    • Aurora Elite Complete***
    • *Includes stock teeth, try-in, high impact finish
    • **Includes Bioform IPN teeth, try-in, processed finish
    • ***Includes Bioform IPN teeth, try-in, Ivocap finish
  • Partials
    • Aurora Signature Cast Partial
    • Aurora Unilateral Complete
    • Acrylic Partial Complete-Classic
    • Acrylic Partial Complete-Premium
    • Flexible Partial Complete-Classic
    • Flexible Partial Complete-Premium
  • Finishes
    • High Impact Finish
    • Processed Premium Pack
    • Ivocap Finish
    • Flexible Finish
    • Processed Reline
    • Processed Rebase
  • Repairs
    • Acrylic tooth/Fracture repair
    • Flexible partial repair
    • Laser weld
    • Laser weld w/retention loop/mesh
    • Additional Tooth (one)
    • *each additional tooth
  • Implant Ti Complete
    Includes Titanium Abutment and Noble Crown
  • Implant Zi Complete
    Includes Zirconia Abutment and Zirconia Crown
  • ***We work with all implant systems and with an Implant CDT Specialist on staff you can be assured your case will be designed and fabricated with precision.
Specialty Products and Services
  • Diagnostic Wax Ups
  • Custom Shading
  • Full Mouth Restoration Case Design and Fabrication
  • TMJ Consultation and Case Design

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Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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